Faith-Based Follies
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Trust me, these are baaaaaaad, evil people

This mural was painted by the Sistine Chaplin I M False,
who can be reached for spiritual counseling
and cult-deprogramming at the
23rd Street Chapel somewhere near
 Ahnuldville, California.
Her ministrations and ablutions can help you
come to terms with situations like this:


Becoming A Contagious Christian

Man fined ten grand for going to church

Countless numbers of Christians seem to believe that
 G.W. Bush deserves the kind of unquestioned loyalty that
 they would give to the Apostle Paul or even to Christ Himself.

Faith-Based Parks

What You Can't Say

Finding God's Favorite Vacation Spot


Is God really Pro War like Jerry Falwell tells us?

"One of the primary purposes of the church is to stop the spread of evil, even at the cost of human lives."
Rev. Jerry Falwell, a nationally recognized Christian minister and television show host

Proverbs 20:18: "Every purpose is established by counsel: and with good advice make war." 
Does this mean if you receive good advice, you should make war on it ?
In that case, Bush is following the biblical party line....

Israeli Tourism Minister Urges Christian Missionaries 
to Convert Muslim Militants Into 'Good People'

Sermon: Violence is good for the soul

Are you washed in the blood of Mel Gibson's film?
"The Passion of the Christ," a graphic portrayal of the torture and crucifixion of Jesus--
Mr. Gibson says, "I hope the film has the power to evangelize."
 He has told screeners in churches that on the movie set, 
he witnessed agnostics and Muslims converting to Christianity.
 Be sure to take your kids to see an actor pretending to be Jesus
bleeding and dying  for a few hours. 
 Scare them witless.
Then tell them Jesus loves them.
It will work wonders.


Designer Dissent

The Final Ride

The act of dying
is like hitch-hiking
into a strange town
late at night
where it is cold
& raining,
& you are alone
Richard Brautigan 

University broke food safety laws with transgenic pigs: FDA

Illinois university broke food safety laws.
The school sold offspring of animals used in genetic experiments as food. 

For lack of a beautiful mind, I care about the Iraqi dead and wounded. 
I care about the looting and destruction. I care about the lies and hypocrisy 
of my government and what comes next: 
the profiteering and the attempt to convert the Iraqis to Christianity. 
Joyce Marcel
To read the article, go


...Because God wants him to do it to you

Bush's War Plan Is Scarier Than He's Saying
The Widening Crusade
by Sydney H. Schanberg
"Aides found him face down on the floor in prayer in the Oval Office.
It became known that he refused to eat sweets while American troops were in Iraq, 
a partial fast seldom reported of an American president. 
And he framed America's challenges in nearly biblical language. 
Saddam Hussein is an evildoer. He has to go." 
The author concludes: " . . . the Bush administration does deeply reflect its leader, 
and this means that policy, even in military matters, will be processed in terms 
of the personal, in terms of the moral, and in terms of a sense of divine purpose
 that propels the present to meet the challenges of its time." 
Bush told Texas preacher James Robison, one of his spiritual mentors: 
"I feel like God wanted me to run for president. 
I can't explain it, but I sense my country is going to need me. . . . I know
  it won't be easy on me or my family, but God wants me to do it." 

I knew my God was bigger than his. 
I knew that my God was a real God and his was an idol. 
Lt. Gen. William G. ‘Jerry’ Boykin

The American Baptist Press has a new, 'stirring' defense of Lt. General Jerry Boykin on its website. Boykin is the high-ranking Pentagon Intelligence official who's been preaching Holy War against Islam from church pulpits, while in uniform.

The gist of the defense is that men like Boykin ought not be questioned-- ever, on anything, political or not-- because of their 'heroic' service records. The thrust of the Evangelical support is that '[h]istory is on Boykin's side.... [h]eroism is on Boykin's side.... [and] nations without men like this simply don't survive.'

Interestingly, Boykin's two biggest resume-builders are the attempted rescue of the American hostages in Iran in 1980 (8 US soldiers dead), and command of the 1993 engagement in Somalia (18 US soldiers dead) that was later dramatized in the movie Blackhawk Down.

Can it be a coincidence that those two engagements were the most spectacular US military failures of the past 25 years?

The Somalia action was even called 'A Case Study in Failure" in a recent military history textbook. The blame was put squarely on the foggy-headed commanders in Somalia like Boykin. To wit: [M]ilitary organizations should inculcate in their members a relentless empiricism, a disdain for a priori theorizing, if they are to succeed. The 'learners' in military organizations must cultivate the temperment of the historian, the detective, or the journalist, rather than the theoretical bent of the social scientist or philosopher.'

Presumably, the faux-mystical 'bent' of the crackpot, ill-informed armchair theologian is even less useful.


On a secret farm in northeastern Colorado, an experimental genetically
engineered pharmaceutical corn is being grown that can never be eaten
and is so dangerous, no other crops can be grown within a mile radius.
The plant is still in its development phase, but has such a high risk of
reeking havoc on the environment, human health and the agricultural
economy, it is being grown in an undisclosed location more than 3,000
miles away from the company who "invented" it. According to toxicologist
Suzanne Wuerthele,
"Producing pharmaceutical compounds in food crops is
a really, really bad idea. The chance of it contaminating the food
supply is great, and once that happens, it will destroy our export


Plants to warn of landmines
...the plants would change colour if they came into contact with soil containing TNT 
and other chemical compounds commonly used in landmines...during a peacekeeping mission, 
seeds of the plants could be spread by airplane and indicate whether an area is safe.
Since the plants could take months to grow, they would not be useful in most combat zones.

 (But what happens when people or animals eat them?)


Here begins the first ever demented decor:

Family Confrontation:  Jean DuBois of Recluse, New Orleans, warned her husband about
his affair with "the woman in black" up in the family cemetery, but he kept sneaking out at midnight.
Angry and frustrated that her husband preferred a dead woman to herself, she pointed her
bunny-crushing colt 45 and gave him a "one way ticket" back to the family plot.



 Serving God and Mammon
"Man cannot serve two masters. He will hate the one and love the other, 
or be devoted to one and despise the other. 
You cannot serve both God and Mammon." 
Matthew 6:2,3
Catholic Church finds a way to worship god and Mammon!!!!!

The Vatican, an independent city-state, is also converting to the euro.
It is being allowed to mint its own euro coins bearing John Paul's image on
one side. It will use the standard euro bank notes.

Story filed: 12:55 Tuesday 1st January 2002

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